Mutambe Akasuba

Mutambe Akasuba is a remote wellness lodge located 5kms off the T2 road on the outskirts of Chinsali, in Zambia‚Äôs Muchinga province. The Lodge has a conferencing facility, a fully stocked bar and a restaurant that serves a set menu that is written on the chalk board on a daily basis. I quite liked thatContinue reading “Mutambe Akasuba”

Kapishya Hot Spring

I was told a visit to Shiwa Ngandu is never complete without experiencing the Kapishya Hot Spring so I drove 19km inland after seeing Shiwa Ngandu to understand this sentiment. The road from Shiwa meandered quite often and passed through a few village settlements until it reached the signage that indicated our arrival at KapishyaContinue reading “Kapishya Hot Spring”

Beginning in Mpika.

My first adventure of the new decade took me to Mpika in the Muchinga province of Zambia, about 645 kms from Lusaka. It is nestled among hills and offers a quiet escape from the bustle of Lusaka. Mpika is also known to be the birth place of Zambia’s fifth President, Michael C. Sata. The townContinue reading “Beginning in Mpika.”