Kapishya Hot Spring

I was told a visit to Shiwa Ngandu is never complete without experiencing the Kapishya Hot Spring so I drove 19km inland after seeing Shiwa Ngandu to understand this sentiment. The road from Shiwa meandered quite often and passed through a few village settlements until it reached the signage that indicated our arrival at Kapishya Lodge. The Lodge was much nicer than I expected, plus being the only guest on site made the whole experience feel more exclusive and tailored to my expectations.

The Mansha River flows right in front of the Lodge and next to the Kapishya hot spring. The hot spring was such a serene oasis which provided me with a welcomed pause and much needed soak after the morning’s stroll around the Shiwa Ngandu manor. The pathway leading from the main restaurant to the hot spring had many plant and tree species which were appropriately labelled for botanic enthusiasts.

The grounds were well manicured and the surroundings of the hot spring were neat and well maintained. I learned that the natural, sulphur free water of this natural spring permeates down about 7kms to be super-heated and then it is pressured back to the surface where it is a luxurious 40 degrees Celsius. The hot spring was laden with white sand and endless bubbles in most parts, bubble bath anyone? No? Okay 😄. I especially appreciated the retaining wall that was built to reserve the spring water into a pool of sorts and keep any croc’s hopeful enough to have me for lunch at bay so I could float in perfect bliss.

Floating in endless bliss proved to be a bit of a struggle at first, as the depth of water in the hot spring was just above my knee level and the gathering clouds signalled a storm that would rain on this parade. Alas! the sun came through and I got to enjoy the warm and serene solitude of floating in a ‘hot tub’ with a nature-made playlist comprised of flowing water and cool breeze through dense forest.

As the sun faded back into the clouds, I retired to the pool side area for a bite to sustain myself for the long drive back to Mpika. I had the chance to taste the fish from the lake near Shiwa Ngandu and it was quite tasty even with minimal seasoning. My whole experience at Kapishya Lodge was worthwhile and the general service by the team was spot on! I left feeling refreshed and I will definitely make a plan to be back here if I am ever in the area.

Travel Tips

  • Carry your bathing suit!
  • The Lodge charges a fee of ZMK 100 / $10 for day-visitors which is inclusive of a short tour and access to the hot spring. They also provide towels at a fee of ZMK 10 / $1 and access to the pool for day visitors costs ZMK 100 / $10.
  • The Lodge has a point of sale for guests to swipe and settle their bills, however, it is best to have enough currency in the event that technology fails.
  • The Lodge has a restaurant on site with a standard menu that is priced slightly higher than your average cost in Mpika and some spots in Lusaka.
  • There are decent accommodation options on site, you could read more about the costs on the Lodge website.
  • WHEN you get to the hot spring, do your part to conserve this beautiful natural gem by being careful and honouring the environment.

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