Mutambe Akasuba

Mutambe Akasuba is a remote wellness lodge located 5kms off the T2 road on the outskirts of Chinsali, in Zambia’s Muchinga province. The Lodge has a conferencing facility, a fully stocked bar and a restaurant that serves a set menu that is written on the chalk board on a daily basis. I quite liked that the Lodge also has a small nook to catch up on some reading or writing in a peaceful and quiet environment. One key thing to note about Mutambe Akasuba is that the entire premise not have internet access but, there is limited access to network for basic calls, think Edge network before 2G and 3G. It has all the right ingredients for visitors to disconnect, retreat and recenter, artist in residence anyone?

True to its name, Mutambe Akasuba has two decks and several points that give magnificent views of the sun rising over the woodland horizon. I enjoyed watching night turn to day from the comfort of the cozy chairs, wrapped up in the fleece blankets. You will notice from the photographs that the Lodge uses a lot of sustainable materials in every aspect of its design and aesthetics. I kept feeling like I had seen this elsewhere and was pleasantly surprised to learn that this intentional approach was indeed modeled after the Foxdale Forest property located in Lusaka. The Lodge has a few curios and traditional items on sale for visitors who want souvenirs.

Mutambe Akasuba is built within the vicinity of a natural hot spring and the Kabangama waterfall, further inland from the lodge. Getting to the waterfall requires a bit of a walk and some guidance as there were not a lot of directional signs but the hot spring was a lot easier to reach as it was located down hill from the lodging area. It was quaint, warm and private, courtesy of the small barrier built around the hot spring and pond. If you are ever on this side of Zambia and looking for a breather, I definitely recommend the place, I thoroughly enjoyed my time here.

4 thoughts on “Mutambe Akasuba

  1. whaaat!!! you went!! I love this place, I follow the page on face book. ala its so beautiful. your middle name is Adventure.


  2. Where is thi place am a mpika resident and would love to bring my family how are the prices and wht so special about tht place


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