5 Foodie Spots in Livingstone

While Livingstone is well known as the adventure capital of Zambia, it is also offers some great spots for foodies that make any visit to the tourist city worthwhile! Here are five of my top choices: Cafe Zambezi Located in the heart of Livingstone, Cafe Zambezi blends food, entertainment, art and curios in a wayContinue reading “5 Foodie Spots in Livingstone”

The Orange Treehouse

My workmates and I took an afternoon out to eat and just catch up and we chose to head to the Orange Treehouse, located along Twin Palm road in Kabulonga. This British pub-inspired spot was a great space to get some air but still be sheltered from the onset of the rain season. They alsoContinue reading “The Orange Treehouse”

Smoke-fest @ PJ’s

Calling all smoked-meat lovers! Marketed as one of Zambia’s No 1 Smoke House, PJ’s is located in the Woodlands/Nyumba Yanga shopping area of Lusaka. This spot does not provide the bells and whistles of a fine dinning experience but they sure do deliver on their speciality – all things smokin’. PJ’s keeps the music groovingContinue reading “Smoke-fest @ PJ’s”

Kuli Ba Shikulu

Located in the Avondale suburb of Lusaka, GranDaddy’s has a versatile, rustic, open plan setting with a pub vibe. A growing staple for folk that enjoy barbecued treats, this steakhouse of sorts is a good place to unwind from the bustle of the big city. Although the spot has a pub vibe, there is provisionContinue reading “Kuli Ba Shikulu”