Kalambo Falls

After the lovely stay at Isanga Bay (refer to Excursion to Lake Tanganyika blog post), we journeyed back to Mpulungu using the speed boat in hopes to also see the Kalambo Falls before returning to Kasama. The drive from Mpulungu to Kalambo Falls, via Mbala, was fairly smooth and we managed to get to theContinue reading “Kalambo Falls”

Lake Tanganyika

I signed up for a group excursion hosted by African Vacations and GlobalSmash and got to visit the Northern-most region of Zambia where our great nation meets the waters of the Tanganyika. This was the longest journey I have taken since I began my Zungulile Zambia adventure, it was just over 1000 km away fromContinue reading “Lake Tanganyika”

Unique Wilderness in the Heart of Zambia

The Kafue National Park (KNP) is known to be Zambia’s oldest and largest national park, covering over 20,000 square kilometres. The KNP is actually located within three of Zambia’s provinces and is surrounded by Game Management Areas. Its northern edge sits along the Busanga Floodplains in the North Western province, while the middle part sitsContinue reading “Unique Wilderness in the Heart of Zambia”

Monkey Pools

This picturesque spot is located in a gated community of Mukamunya on the outskirts of Lusaka along Leopards Hill Road (directions are accessible using any reputable location apps). Monkey Pools, provides a great outdoor space where visitors can enjoy some tranquility yet still be close enough to the bustling metropolis. Entrance to the facility costsContinue reading “Monkey Pools”