Eden Haus

Eden Haus is located in the Kabulonga suburb of Lusaka and it has had quite a buzz since it opened toward the end of 2020. It is marketed to combine international standards of food with exceptional cocktails which can be enjoyed in the indoor lounge, the outdoor pergola, in the garden or beside the poolContinue reading “Eden Haus”

Shez Café and Art Gallery

Located in the suburbs of Kabulonga, Shez Cafe is a fairly homely spot that promised to blend food and art. I met up with one of my good friends for a much needed catch-up and we both liked the idea of a space to chew and possibly appreciate some art. Their menu was fairly standardContinue reading “Shez Café and Art Gallery”

Mothers Dining

I ordered a spicy serving of beef chuck and ribs accompanied by tatoe butter salad and Asian fried rice from Mothers Dining, a home-delivery food caterer based in Lusaka. The tatoe butter salad looked a lot like mashed potato with a good serving of cubed veggies and butter. The Asian rice and tatoe butter saladContinue reading “Mothers Dining”