Protea Chisamba

Located in the outskirts of Lusaka off the Great North road, the Protea Lusaka Safari Hotel is one Lusaka’s Safari Hotels offering a good getaway for those looking to escape the bustle of the city. Getting to the Hotel is fairly easy and not labourous as there is signage which indicates that the lodge is 3kms inland in the Chisamba area as you drive along Great North Road before getting to the toll gate. The access road from the Great North was fairly passable on my recent visit but I do not think it has been graded in a while so drive with caution.

The Protea Lusaka Safari Hotel sits within a Game Management Area which spans over 900 hectares. The Hotel provides guests access to their well manicured grounds, an inviting pool, a volleyball and basketball area. They also offer game driving opportunities for those who would like to see up to 15 major species of wildlife and many more bird species on the property. You are sure to see Wildebeest, Eland, Bushbuck, Sable, Kudu and Giraffe plus you can also make a stop at the Lion encampment to see the Lionesses from a safe distance.

The Hotel provides a breezy and calming environment just a stone throw away from Lusaka’s Central business district, and it is ideal for people looking for a good balance of tranquility and just enough to do without feeling busy. You are sure to enjoy some Marriot hospitality courtesy of the team who really go the extra mile regardless of whether your are there for conferencing, a day visit or even if you are accommodated there.

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