Things to Do in Isanga Bay

Kayaking on Lake Tanganyika

I absolutely loved being able to push my limits by leaving the safety of the bay, paddling to some pretty deep blue waters and opening myself up to the thrill of it all. This experience was one for the books 🤩, the experience was just darn good for the gut, a whole lesson in facing my fears and learning to show up and deal with the worst that may still happen in the face of courage.

The worst did happen! I tried to rest my back and got too comfortable leaning on one side of the kayak and 💦 my big ol’ self tipped over into the lake. In an instance, the natural thing happened, I panicked and splashed until I realized staying calm and calling for help was my best option. I took deep breaths and allowed myself to just float and once I did, swimming to shore was a breeze.

Thankfully the this side of the lake does not normally have any crocs and hippos and of course being able to swim is highly recommended if you’re going to paddle yourself onto the second deepest freshwater lake in the world.

Sunsets and Sunrise at the Lake

As an afternoon activity, the rest of the gang who were part of the trip decided to go and experience the tube line at the Kalambo Falls Lodge, a neighbouring property accessible by boat. I opted out of this as I felt spent from the morning swim in the lake and needed a moment to be still and just enjoy the fresh breeze under the palms, it was a vacation after all.

So, I just sat and watched the sun set on the Tanganyika with dark clouds gathering in the distance. A storm was brewing, lightning almost splitting the clash of grays, orange, yellows and navy blues; all in a spectacle of natures might, gentleness and calm. What is more mesmerizing is how tinkles the sausage dog on the property also joined me in enjoying the ambiance provided by the soothing ripple of the lake and sunset on the horizon. Only views like that can truly calm even an animal.

The next morning, I tiptoed back to the beach to watch the sunrise and get one last look at the spots around the bay before our departure. It was rewarding to swing over the beach and just exhale.

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