Resort on the Hill

Located at the top of a hill, in the Ibex Meanwood area of Lusaka, the Lusaka Legacy Resort and Conference Centre is a good space for some peace and quiet in an African-inspired aesthetic with a killer view and loads of fresh air.

The Legacy has five villa’s that house a mix of conference facilities on the first floor and accommodation on the ground and bottom floors, you would actually see the distinct large, thatched roofs of the villa’s as you drive up the hill. The Resort also has a restaurant that is open to residents and walk-in visitors which serves continental food options. The restaurant area is also home to an inviting infinity pool for you to soak and relax after having a meal and a few drinks.

The surrounding grounds of the resort have a trail that is good for a jog or leisurely stroll and an open ground with a play area for visitors of all ages. Residents have access to various amenities including fire-pits, a fully equipped gym, massage rooms, a game room, lobby wine bar and complimentary parking. I enjoyed my time here and had no complaints as the facilities were acceptable, but I have come to learn that this was not the case for other guests at the time. I was happy to learn the team at the Legacy were responsive and resolved the complaints promptly.

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