Lusaka’s Iconic Skyscrapers

1. Findeco House

This skyscraper is Zambia’s tallest building and it stands at 90 meters tall. It is located along Cairo Road in Lusaka’s central business district right next to the Kafue traffic circle. Its construction was inspired by the Yugoslav Modernist Architecture and it was completed in 1974 as a solution to the much needed headquaters for the Financial and Development Corporation (FINDECO).

FINDECO was just one of the three new state companies formed at the time when ownership of most of the mines, banks and insurance companies was transferred to the Zambian Governement, INDECO (Industrial Development Corporation) and MINDECO (Mining Development Corporation) were the other two. [Cited]

It has often been said that this building reflects a bygone era in our nations history but it still stands as a reminder of the progress we have made.

2. Society House

This 20-story beacon of possibilities has graced the skyline of Lusaka for as long as I remember. However after a few fires in the 90’s it eventually got a face life in 2010 and 2017. It is not hard to see how the art of design can truly bring a new lease of life and make archaic structures look timeless. The new curves and design of the Society building are the brainchild of Robert Silke, who also designed the Garden Court Hotel in Kitwe.

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