Twe Twe

Twe Twe was recommended by a friend who gave me rave reviews of the burgers. I did a quick sweep on social media and went to give em a bite. From what I gather, Twe Twe is an establishment that is transitioning from a food truck to a more established kinda foodie spot in Lusaka’s Libala Stage 3 area. Twe Twe may still be finding its feet where aesthetics are concerned but it is still relevant to Lusaka’s foodie landscape and followers, as the spot was buzzing with people.

Their menu is largely burger based and Twe Twe also have chilli hot-dogs, wraps and wings too but I noted that the Head Chef and Owner, Eustace Twenda Sikazwe, also dabbles in some continental offerings on order or for outside catering. The restaurant environment isn’t tip top to the eye and I don’t think it’s meant to be that kinda place yet but don’t let that fool you, this spot is marketed as having the best burgers in the land.

I ordered the monster double beef burger as that was what was readily available and could be prepped in a good amount of time. Burger ‘kings’ in their own right, Twe Twe’s monster burger was pretty huge, it even had me reminiscing of a Buns Out burger I had a couple of months ago. I understood why it took a minute to prep this bad boy! it was packing a whole lotta layers. Twe Twe dished up a good portion of cheese, bacon, mushrooms, pickles, fried onions, lettuce and tomato, all sitting pretty between a sesame and chia seeded bun.

The taste of the chia seed almost messed this burger up for me so I had to peel and tap em off the bun and then lightly season the burger so I could chew the goey goodness of what burgers should be made of. This burger had me feeling like I was downing a guilty pleasure, almost like cheating on a diet I didn’t even sign up for. Well, it had lettuce and tomato, so it is still basically a salad and a decent one as such. 😄

My Review:

Food: 🔪🔪🔪🔪

Service: 🔪🔪🔪

Ambiance: 🔪

Price: $ $

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