Kalambo Falls

After the lovely stay at Isanga Bay (refer to Excursion to Lake Tanganyika blog post), we journeyed back to Mpulungu using the speed boat in hopes to also see the Kalambo Falls before returning to Kasama. The drive from Mpulungu to Kalambo Falls, via Mbala, was fairly smooth and we managed to get to theContinue reading “Kalambo Falls”

Kundalila Falls

Just an hour away from Serenje on the Great North road to Mpika lies the Kundalila falls. It is located 13km away from the main road and while the access road has a few rocky and rough patches it is fairly graded and gravel in most stretches. After leaving my vehicle at the parking area,Continue reading “Kundalila Falls”

The Northern Trifecta

My next travel adventure took me to the outskirts of Kasama in the Northern province of Zambia, further than I have ever driven before, within borders of the Real Africa. Google Maps estimated that the 850 km journey from Lusaka to Kasama would take under 12 hours but in reality the entire drive took meContinue reading “The Northern Trifecta”

Chasing the Waterfalls of Luapula

Leaving Mansa (Refer to Modest Mansa blog post)There were few private transport options from Mansa and non were affordable enough for my budget, so I chose to use public transport (Peace Soldier Bus services) with an extra seat for additional leg room. During the journey, I witnessed the beautiful landscape of the province with aContinue reading “Chasing the Waterfalls of Luapula”

Beginning in Mpika.

My first adventure of the new decade took me to Mpika in the Muchinga province of Zambia, about 645 kms from Lusaka. It is nestled among hills and offers a quiet escape from the bustle of Lusaka. Mpika is also known to be the birth place of Zambia’s fifth President, Michael C. Sata. The townContinue reading “Beginning in Mpika.”