Chena Art House

Looking for a place to enjoy some art; a fresh breeze or float over some calm waters surrounded by green meadows? Chena Art House offers exactly that at the Nkwashi Estate, just 50km from Lusaka’s CBD, in the Leopards Hill area. Lifestyle Activities Entrance to the Chena Art House is pegged at K100 per person andContinue reading Chena Art House

Lechwe Art Gallery

The Lechwe Art Gallery is in the heart of Rhodes Park, Lusaka at the Gallery Office Park. The gallery is run by the Lechwe Trust which was established over 30 years ago and now owns over 300 works of art in its collection. The Lechwe gallery has previously showcased several art exhibitions with different formsContinue reading “Lechwe Art Gallery”

Lusaka Street Art

Lusaka’s street art scene has been gaining momentum over the years and I am determined to find some of the gems that local artists have created to express their creativity and uplift commuters. I am happy to see the emerging culture take root, with several social platforms even calling for the recent infrastructure development aroundContinue reading “Lusaka Street Art”

A Place of Tall Trees

Zeela Art Gallery & Homestay is the eclectic brainchild of Charity and Bedah Salasini. Located off Leopards Hill Road in Lusaka, about 20 minutes away from the Crossroads Shopping Centre, this private art gallery is actually woven into the very fabric of the beautiful home and surrounding grounds of the Salasini’s. Zeela actually means ‘aContinue reading “A Place of Tall Trees”

Charming Chaminuka

Located in the outskirts of Lusaka, a mere hour’s drive away from home, Chaminuka Lodge is an up-scale facility that provides a good variety of activities for nature lovers without the hustle of having to travel too far for extended periods. I was thrilled to get out of the house and enjoy a weekend getawayContinue reading “Charming Chaminuka”