Lusaka’s Coworking Spaces

Lusaka now offers several options for business tourists and local businesses to readily access coworking spaces, hot desks, and flexible office solutions. Here are a few of my top picks:

Elunda Spaces

Elunda Spaces was one of the first places in Lusaka to offer flexible office solutions and virtual hot desks. Its central location and large tech savvy meeting rooms has also enabled it to remain a ‘go-to’ space for businesspeople looking for a blend of office and conferencing facilities.


AfricaWorks is Lusaka’s newest addition to the Coworking landscape. Its crisp, contemporary spin to office and boardroom spaces is drawing more business tourists that are inclined to work in the leafy, quieter suburb of Kabulonga. Ease and convenience should also come to mind when you think AfricaWorks, as their space located in proximity to some notable eateries, department stores and amenities.

The Works

The Works conveniently provides an all-in-one experience which allows you to work, eat, relax and play because of its proximity to the Latitude 15° boutique hotel. With timeless eclectic art dotted around its modern space, it is not hard to see why several champions of industry prefer to make this their locale of choice.

Hive Coworking Space

Home to one of Zambia’s innovation and technology hubs, the Hive Coworking Space has been a catalyst for building viable solutions for many budding entrepreneurs whilst providing a versatile space which supports synergies between local, regional and international organisations. It is not hard to see why the Hive is possibly the most affordable coworking space that Lusaka has to offer.

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