Chena Art House

Looking for a place to enjoy some art; a fresh breeze or float over some calm waters surrounded by green meadows? Chena Art House offers exactly that at the Nkwashi Estate, just 50km from Lusaka’s CBD, in the Leopards Hill area.

Lifestyle Activities

Entrance to the Chena Art House is pegged at K100 per person and prior booking is recommended as Nkwashi is a gated community. LiZazi, Chena’s beverage service, sells a limited option of alcohol and soft drinks but you would need bring your own foodstuffs as there is no restuarant on site. The upside of this is that the entrance fee covers use of Chena’s grounds for a picnic and visitors are allowed to bring their own foodstuffs with no corkage charged. In addition, you could pay K100 for the use of their braai stands, which are provided with some charcoal.

I appreciated that the Art House also offers a childrens play area and canoe rides on the dam. I learned from the team that from 12th March (Youth Day), Chena will be hosting a series of canoe tounaments where various teams will be participating on a periodic basis until November 2022. Reach out to them if you are interested.

Art Gallery

The Art House has a versatile space that is used for private events, art festivals and exhibitions. It is also home to the Chena Art Gallery which provides a platform for African creatives to virtually and physically showcase their work while supporting the development of art catalogues, skills and knowledge through Artist in Residence programs. The Art gallery showcases various indoor and outdoor art pieces from local artists who were previously in residence and the Chena team offer a short guided tour of the art pieces at your request.

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