Lusaka Street Art

Lusaka’s street art scene has been gaining momentum over the years and I am determined to find some of the gems that local artists have created to express their creativity and uplift commuters. I am happy to see the emerging culture take root, with several social platforms even calling for the recent infrastructure development around the city to be given a facelift using, art.

The first highlight is this timeless piece of art at Mutaba House. It has graced the corner of Katondo street and Cairo road for for as long as I could remember. It has always been a point of interest and sometimes a good distraction from the traffic when I am in Lusaka’s central business district. I do not know anything about the artist who created it, it’s name nor the exact date it was installed.

Another highlight is by London Kamwendo and Dwain Whitaker of @take.graff. It is located along the boundary of Toyota Zambia near the Kabwe traffic circle as you drive into town on the Great East Road.

I was driving around the streets of Lusaka in the Avondale area in October of 2021 and found this very patriotic gate. Bravo to the people behind it 🙌🏽

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