3 Trees

Centrally located in Rhodes Park area of Lusaka, just off Addis Ababa Road, this bistro styled café is unmissable within Lusaka‘s food scene. 3 Trees provides quite a variety of options for foodies and they have managed to remain consistent in their delivery from my first dining experience there. A large part of their charm is the greenery both on and off the menu. I like that they have healthy treats and savoury delights which are served from 07:30 to 17:00 every day of the week. It is works to their advantage that their venue is tranquil and flexible for work meetings, lunches, coffee dates or even solo treats, plus they have a child friendly play area.

I had a series of meetings with some industry colleagues and it was just spacious and quiet enough to have a conversation and grab a fresh meal. I ordered the freshly squeezed beetroot smoothie, beef nachos bowl and waffles.

I enjoyed my beef nachos, I liked that the flavours worked well and the portion size was actually filling. 3 Trees somehow found a way to balance all the ingredients without one overpowering the other 👏🏽 . The smoothie was refreshing and the waffles were freshly made and nicely paired with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

My Review:

Food: 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪

Service: 🔪🔪🔪🔪

Ambiance: 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪

Price: $ $ $

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