Shez Café and Art Gallery

Located in the suburbs of Kabulonga, Shez Cafe is a fairly homely spot that promised to blend food and art. I met up with one of my good friends for a much needed catch-up and we both liked the idea of a space to chew and possibly appreciate some art.

Their menu was fairly standard and did not have outliers from most of the other continental restaurant’s we had previously visited. I ordered the ribs and wedges (BBQ sauce served separately) and my friend ordered the butter chicken and steamed rice. Both options came with a green salad.

The food was quite delicious and fresh and the ambiance just made us feel like we were home and had a chef whip us a treat while we were being couch potatoes. The butter chicken was creamy and well seasoned with more chicken pieces than veggies in the sauce, this was a big plus! The celery and carrot was a nice twist to the stew and it worked well with the fried rice.

They may not look very appetising, but the ribs were so tender and tasty! They were literally just holding on to the bone for dear life. It is a good thing I asked for the BBQ sauce separately as I think having it smothered in BBQ sauce would have just spoiled it. I was just concerned about the portion size as this was meant to be a full rack (600g) but what was on the plate seemed less than that. However, the salad dressing was surprisingly the highlight of the meal as its tangy buzz just tied the savoury flavour of the wedges and ribs. Shout out to the Chef for the great dressing.

I was rather underwhelmed with some elements of the service as our waiter did not have updated information of what drink options were available/in stock and they decided to polish the dining room floor as we were having our meal. I suppose they had a good reason but it just hit a sour note seeing the floor polisher being dragged out, plugged in and turned on. I would probably recommend taking a seat outside in case this is unavoidable. Other than that, Shez Café was a pretty good choice to grab a meal.

On the other hand, Shez has art pieces dotted around the property but you may want to manage expectations if you expect to find a curated gallery. I still appreciate the pieces that I saw. One of the waiters mentioned that they have plans to increase the number and variety of art pieces and possibly host a show later this year. I look forward to the growth of the space as an art and foodie spot.

My Review:

Food: 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪

Service: 🔪🔪🔪

Ambiance: 🔪🔪🔪🔪

Price: $ $ $

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