Urban Yard

I spent a lazy weekend afternoon at the Urban Yard having a catch-up session with one of my besties. She was heading back home and needed her usual dose of seafood, so we thought the Urban Yard would be a good spot to grab a bite and kick back. They serve a variety of meats, seafood, wood fired pizza and deserts, plus they have such a relaxed garden setting which all members of the family can enjoy. Yes! They are a child friendly foodie spot and have a play area and pool too.

My friend selected the seafood skewer which was made up of whole prawns and grilled salmon cubes served on a skewer with bell peppers and onions all smothered in a garlicy lemon butter sauce. I kept my options meaty and went with the bar platter which had gizzards, wings, rump steak strips, pork belly strips, sausages, wedges, a side salad, bread twists and a fresh chili dip. I swopped the gizzards for extra wedges because gizzards didn’t tickle my fancy.

The cocktails we ordered were nice enough to get us into the groove of conversation, but this only lasted for a while as we were not able to readily order more drinks while waiting for our meal. Service was not as good as I expected considering there were under 10 customers around and what seemed like a full staff compliment. Eventually, my platter showed up but I respectfully waited for the seafood skewer to be served too, so we could eat together.

The skewer was meant to have a blend made in seafood havens but the execution left much to be desired. The prawns and two cubes of salmon in garlicy lemon butter sauce were juicy, fresh and enjoyable but the raw accompaniments just messed up the overall taste. The onion and peppers were quite potent, as they should be when served raw. Plus the mash was quite lumpy and bland.

💡 This meal would have been so much yummier if they could perhaps roast the onion and peppers and season the well mashed potatoes with some creamy buttery goodness.

The platter did not do too well in the taste department too. The wings were not very fresh; they tasted thawed and deep fried. The sautéed sausage and rump steak combination had a lot rooting for it but it was just, bland. However, the wedges and bread twists were quite yum and the salad, with it’s accompanying balsamic dressing, was the saving grace for me.

The Urban Yard has all the right elements but there is room for improvement in how these elements are combined for the overall dining experience. I look forward to being back here, my eyes are set on tasting that wood fired pizza and the cheesecake I saw floating in the cake fridge 😉.

My Review:

Food: 🔪🔪🔪

Service: 🔪🔪

Ambiance: 🔪🔪🔪🔪

Price: $ $ $

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